Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Games from FGM's French Thematic.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A small write up on FGM's french thematic.

NM Evan Capel emerged Champion at FGM's thematic for the french defence in Syuen Hotel, Ipoh. Most of the players found that playing the french on both sides provided unique insights into the opening.

I changed  the "opening ceremony" into an informal circular sitting where parents and I can interact freely with tea and light refreshment. The interactions were very lively and in fact it continued into the next day and even the players joined in to share their insights as the tournament progressed. One parent and player stayed over into the day following the event and got deeper insights into FGM's approach to training.

Some of the topics covered included the definition between trainers and coaches. I defined it as the coach guides the players on how to win on the battlefield and trainers do offsite training.

We also talked about speed of learning vs just learning in today's rapidly changing chess world where I gave many examples of the different approaches by different Masters who are still competing in today's chess.

Of particular concern to some parents were the suitability of the openings taught and its compatibility to the personality profiles of their children. We spent a lot of time discussing this issue which even went into meals that we shared together outside the event.

Feedback from the players were positive and I think most left with new ideas about the game and what they will need to do to get their game to the next level.

All in all it was a good event and perhaps it was a unique tournament in Malaysia where the emphasis was training and learning as opposed to winning. My argument being train first to win later in relevant tournaments.

So here I would like to give my thanks to our sponsors pappamia and Malaysian intellect development foundation for their support in helping this event take off in Malaysia again.

All my best for Malaysian chess.

ps: Games will follow once I have got the games I requested back from the players.